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TV appearances

  • Interview & Live performance @ THE MORNING SHOW S1 E51 @  eTV  (19 July 2018)L

  • Live performance at EXPRESSIONS @ SABC 1 (15 May 2018)

  • Interview & Live performance @ AFRO WORLDVIEW TV (12 May 2018)

  • Interview & Live performance at SUNRISE MORNING SHOW @ eTV 
    (25 April 2018)

  • JOZIA live – Rooftop Concert @ BALCONY TV (October 2017)




Press Party


  • Interview @ UNIVEN Radio (May 2018)

  • Interview with  CAROL SANDERSON @ RISE FM (April 2018)

  • Interview @ 1912 Online Radio (April 2018)

  • Interview & Live Performance @ UNISA Radio (March 2018)

  • Interview @ EK FM 103.6 (March 2018)

  • Interview & Live Performance @ KASIE FM (October 2017)

  • Interview @ TRANSAFRICA RADIO NET (October 2017)

  • Interview with ZOLA 7 @ MASSIVE METRO (September 2017)

  • Interview with CODESA G @ ALEX FM (May 2017)

  • Interview @ KCOU FM (USA, April 2017)

"This is unique music.
She's awesome!


Codesa G / Alex FM

"Her music has that folksy, road-trip feel to it, and yet it’s unlike anything you’ve heard. It’s modern and eerie, weaving its way across genres, breaking all the rules" 

City Press



"An exciting

new voice! 



  • „Defying all Rules with Her Indie Attitude – Jozia is South Africa’s Hottest New Star“ (This Sound Nation, UK Music Magazine)

  • "Queen of the Outsiders" (City Press)

  • „Man, she is brilliant!“ (Brad / South African Music Show)

  • „SA music is mostly a mainstream affair. But there is a new breed of artist – such as the tricksy, experimental Jozia – that is rising from the underground to claim international attention." (City Press, Cover Story)

  • „Her voice is both bold and emotive … […] JOZIA is also quite a writer who not only paints a picture with her words but is also able to explore the big themes in live.“ (Mandisa Ntsinde)

  • „Coming into the music industry as a a creative, talented breath of fresh air.“ (Marlise Jacobs)

  • „When listening to her deep, raspy voice, one can not help but think of some illustrious artists who preceded her, such as Brenda Fassie or Tina Turner.“ (Djolo)

  • „JOZIA‘s music cannot be boxed into just one genre and this is what makes her an exciting new voice
    . She dabbles in a little jazz, folk and neo-soul and these styles compliment her voice and she on the other hand has made them her own.“ (Zkhiphani)

  • „JOZIA uses her unconventional way of looking at the world to create music and videos with a fearless disregard of opinion.“ (Perkolate)

  • "Video of the month: Mamokebe by Jozia" (Femmusic)

  • „JOZIA reminds me of our late SA legend Icon and mad woman Brenda Fassie. When I say Mad woman, I mean maddened by life and by passion and living her art through it. One look at her You Tube Channel and you can tell JOZIA is anything but straight laced.“ (Captain my Captain)

  • "Mind Blowing Videos!" (Press Party)

  • „There’s a young lady who has been caught doing the rounds on the big world wide web, and she is gathering fans and admirers along the way because of her cutting edge style, her attitude and her alternative indie energy. Her name is Jozia“ 
    (Recording Studios)

  • "Do yourself a favour and watch these little masterpieces
    " (Captain, my Captain)

  • "This is unique music. She's awesome! Awesome!" (Codesa G / Alex FM)

"Jozia lets her fantasy rise like a water creature" 

The Star

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